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Our Clients:
"I have worked with the border protection agencies for over 25 years
I have found USCIS procedures to be the most cumbersome, and personnel attitudes to be the most hostile toward immigration efforts by private citizens..."
Ronald R. in Florida
US Customs Service Port Director, Florida (Ret.)From Florida
Fiance Visa K1
"I heard about you from Congressman Xavier B.
[in Los Angeles]. I could not have had a better firm to assist me ..."
Alex C. in California
Pastor, Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department
Fiancee Visa from RussiaFrom California
Fiance Visa K1


Bringing your family to the USA is a life changing event. Applying for a USA visa or green card is too important to leave to chance.

Immigration laws and procedures change constantly. This law firm has been a leader in the field of family USA immigration law since 1991. We handle only: fiance visa K1, spouse visa CR, US green card, and other related visa waivers and services for family members. It helps to have us on your side to ensure your case is handled professionally.

Couples simply want to be together, but rules stand in the way. Immigration officers enforce the rules; they have no obligation to serve you. Agencies and officers don't all agree with each other. We bridge the gaps to bring your family together.

Some people try to save by working on their own; they very often fail. Mistakes and missteps are common and can have devastating effects that could take years to correct. Every family circumstance is different, so processing a fiance visa K1, spouse visa CR, or US green card can be time consuming, and often frustrating. We're here to get you through the United States immigration process smoothly.

I began my career as a government prosecutor, eventually becoming Assistant Attorney General, RMI. I've worked on U.S. immigration fraud investigations and other overseas matters. I am licensed to practice Federal immigration law in all 50 states and am sworn into the Federal Circuit Court. I have a working knowledge of government agencies.

Your best option is to call 1-888-483-0311. There is NO CHARGE for a consultation. When you call, I will first set out an immigration plan that meets your individual needs. A single phone call results in a complete case review and assessment. I ask in return that you discuss and consider the services we offer, then decide if we're the people you want representing you.

USA Visa Services:

Visa Services include: K1 Visa - Fiance Visa; K3 & CR Visa - Spouse Visa; US Green Card adjustment of status after marriage, DACA, Immigration and naturalization services, Immigration Bar Waivers, appeals, and more. We have the necessary expertise and resources to assist you through the legal process of USA immigration from all countries.

We are a full service law firm specializing in Family Immigration USA. Fees will be tailored to your requirements, we offer flat fees so you know in advance before we start.

"Even a good lawyer needs a good lawyer and I will recommend you to anyone ..."
Sr. Assistant Attorney General
Consumer Protection Fraud Unit
Spouse Visa from Thailand

Consider obtaining assistance from a specialized, licensed immigration USA attorney. Immigration law is large and diverse, covering many different types of immigration. Immigration agencies have become adversarial. It helps to have a us on your side. Our special expertise is family immigration USA, specifically, the K1 fiance visa for fiances; the K3 spouse visa / CR marriage visa for spouses, and US green cards. Phone us to inquire.